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A full range of work

  • Development of complete plans of industrial plants.
  • Development of full-range plans of warehouses and logistics centres.
  • Development of plant modernization drawings to adjust existing plants to the requirements of EU directives considering HCCP and fire safety rules.
  • Development of plans of office buildings.
  • Development of plans of large-scale commercial facilities.
  • Development and organization of the investment process –construction engineer performing core functions.
  • Development of applications and motions, and, in the further course, the obtaining of decisions and licenses related to the investment process implementation of technical opinions and analyses.
  • Checking  the technical condition of  buildings and structures.

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ORTECH Designing Agency has been working with us in Pilawa since 2005. During this time the Agency designed various projects utilized in our facility, for example: warehouses for finished products, packagings and raw materials; paints production plant, office buildings, laboratory.

ORTECH Designing Agency was our technical adviser and supplied us with a construction engineer, both of which enabled us to successfully complete our investment. The designers show their high qualifications and technical skills.

M. Duchna
M. Duchnainvestment managerAKZONOBEL

Skalski Sp. z o.o. was the general executive in a project designed by ORTECH Designing Agency for Polifarb Cieszyn-Wrocław S.A. The compound with a usable area surface of 9000 m2  was fully ready on time and according to the investor’s specifications.

As a general executive we have also built a high storage facility for Polifarb Pilawa S.A. The project was also designed by ORTECH Designing Agency. Its precision and quality allowed for a quick realization of the investment without any problems.

All of the projects designed by ORTECH Designing Agency are proof of the high professionalism and a huge experience of its designers when it comes to industrial and warehouse projects.

P. Skalski
P. SkalskipresidentSKALSKI

Our new industrial plant, owned by WIKA Polska Sp. z o.o. SGF s.k., was built according to projects designed by ORTECH Designing Agency. Every project encompassed all technical aspects. In the years 2013 and 2014 the Agency was our technical adviser and construction engineer of the new factory, and with them we were able to complete the investment successfully.

During the whole realization the Agency also served as a professional authoring and investment supervisor, and later represented us when it came to obtaining a license to use the new facility.

The designers showed high level qualifications and technical skills. We wholeheartedly recommend their services to any investor.

J. Wieczorek
J. WieczorekInvestment ManagerWIKA

Per our request in 2009 ORTECH Designing Agency designed a construction and realization project of an industrial plant for Centrum Klima S.A. in Wieruchowo. There were no negatives and the project was realized on time.

All projects made by ORTECH Designing Agency show a high level of professionalism and experience with these types of projects.

D. Wróbel
D. WróbelManagement DirectorSKALSKI

ORTECH Designing Agency has been cooperating with us in the city of Włocławek since 2000. During this time, the Agency has designed a variety of projects which were later realized in our factory. Among those projects are: complete modernization of our production plants, packaging warehouses, finished products warehouses, raw materials warehouses and a laboratory.

The projects were technically complete and allowed us to easily obtain licenses necessary to build new objects.

The Agency was also our technical adviser and construction engineer, what allowed to successfully realized any planned investment.

The designers showed the highest qualifications and technical skills. All of these reasons let us state a positive opinion of the Agency and recommend its services.

G. Makowski
G. MakowskiBoard MemberDELECTA

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The scope of the project: concept, construction and tender design of a polystyrene production plant with technical infrastructure. The plant consists of a production and warehouse hall with social facilities and an office building.
Termo Organika is Poland’s largest manufacturer of expanded polystyrene boards.

Location: Grudziądz

Planned usable area: approx. 11,800 m²

Design volume of buildings: approx. 141,400 m³